Engineering Service

Our Engineering Services:

a) Calibration & Repair of Testing Equipment and Splicing Machine
We calibrate, repair and offer rental services for testing & measurement equipment such as fusion splicer, OTDR, OSA, Metro & Transport Network Test Set (1G, 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G), Spectrum Analyzer, Site Master and so on

b) Testing and Commissioning Services
We do provide engineering services as equipment installation, cabling installation, Transport & Metro Network Equipment Testing and Commissioning.

d) Fiber Optic Splicing, Testing and Commissioning
Besides normal splicing and OTDR testing, we also provide Fiber Characterization Services where we help to provide complete fiber condition testing and advised our customer on their fiber condition and required action to improve the fiber optic link. This is particularly important for main trunk fiber network of Network Operators.

e) Testing Solution Consultation and Identification
Our experts equipped with our wide range of testing and measurement equipment is able to pin-point your testing needs and provide you with our exhaustive range of test solutions for the following areas:

  • Transport & Metro network Testing Solution
  • Fiber Optic Testing Solution
  • Access Network Testing Solution
  • Enterprise Network Testing Solution
  • Wireless Network Testing Solution
  • Fusion Splicer and Accessories
  • Underground Utilities Testing
  • Fiber Interconnect and Assemblies
  • FTTx Products and Solution
  • Optical Transceiver
  • Other ICT Related Products and Solution

Our team of expertise with decades of experiences in this specialized field of testing and measurement equipment supplies and service, we know your expectation and will provide excellent customer satisfaction with our dedicated after sales support, precise repair solution and outstanding customer service at all times. 

Data cabling solution in Malaysia is one of the most important elements whenever we are talking about IT networks and is one of the biggest possible most costly IT investments that companies make. When it comes to selecting the right cabling system it can have a tangible impact on a range of issues. This issues often include network performance, the speed at which data can pass through the network. Making the right choice of cabling system is too important an issue to be ignored. When it comes to Data Cabling Solution in Malaysia we’re the experts and we know the best solution for your infrastructure.

Understandably, since cabling is an occasional rather than a regular purchase, companies cannot be expected to be experts in this area, but this does mean that they often need to rely on advice from contractors, consultants, installers and suppliers such as us. This can be dangerous, depending on the quality of the information being distributed. Poor-quality or inadequate cabling systems can bring a network to a standstill. We never compromise on quality and we understand the importance of a reliable partner and provider for Data Cabling Solution in Malaysia and we’re here to cover that spot