Suntrec Solution Sdn Bhd does provide Fiber Termination box as one of our products. It serves as terminal connector of a fiber optic cable, one end is optical cable and other is tail of the fiber optic.

Fiber termination box has the function of providing fusion between different optic fibers, the fusion of optical fiber and the tail of the fo fiber optic, and transfer of optic connectors.

Our features  are giving protective connection for fiber optic cable and tail of the fiber optic. It can insulate the metal components of optic cable and the cable shell form, which can help conveniently lead the ground wire. Besides that, it also provides optic cable terminal placement and storage space to facilitate installation operations. Hence, its sufficient impact strength and it can be fixed by the box fixed.

For installation methods, you may choose to install it on wall or place it in the slot.

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