Known fusion splicer in Malaysia fall into three general categories varying in complexity and, accordingly, widely varying in terms of prices. The first general type of alignment mechanism for a fusion splicer is known as a V-groove apparatus. In the V-groove apparatus, first and second optical fibers are aligned on the basis of the outer diameter of the respective fibers. That is, the presumption with this alignment mechanism is that the core of a fiber is centralized relative to the outer diameter. Therefore, alignment of the outer diameters of the fibers theoretically will align the cores in an effort to maximize transmission through the completed splicing. In general, fusion splicer in Malaysia are sold by their manufacturers to optical fiber providers so as to be used by the latter for installing optical fiber networks and so forth. There may be cases where troubles occur in operations of a fusion splicer upon its use. In such a case fusion splicer in Malaysia when its site of use is located far from a service station of the manufacturer, the maintenance of the fusion splicer is performed by a service person of the manufacturer over the telephone or the like. We understand the importance of a quality and what you require in fusion splicer.

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